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Every day, companies observe in compliance with the legal norms related to Labor Law and Social Security, as well as in the implementation of initiatives related to corporate social responsibility, an opportunity that allows them to truly and profoundly transform their activity, which is source of opportunities, work, economic and social development. VER MÁS / READ MORE...

The Godínez y Asociados Law Firm began its work in 2000, in order to offer a highly professional service in the area of Labor Law and Social Security. Throughout these years, the great career and reputation of its founder, Dr. Alexander Godínez Vargas, has consolidated the firm as one of the best in its field and in the country. VER MÁS / READ MORE...



Provide comprehensive legal services, with high quality and innovation in the field of Corporate Labor Law, Social Security, Human Resources Management and Social Responsibility, in order to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions.

Being a leading firm in Costa Rica and Central America in matters of Corporate Labor Law, Social Security, Human Resources Management and Social Responsibility.



  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Confidentiality



Our professionals guarantee each client:

        • A clear overview of the real situation of the organization in the management of human and organizational management, impartially and independently.
        • The prioritization of the most pressing needs of the organization and the ways to satisfy them.
        • A strategic approach for the development of a human management model, in which legal compliance and social responsibility initiatives are at the center of it.


Our professionals guarantee each client:

        • The prevention of risks by reducing contingencies that may occur due to non-compliance with the law, regulation or guidelines, both at the administrative and judicial level.
        • The execution of organizational activities in accordance with the international legislation and standards of the International Labor Organization.
        • Awareness-raising and legal training for those responsible for the processes to be implemented in the area of human management.
        • The protection of confidential information.



Our professionals guarantee each client:

        • The awareness and training of staff in social responsibility practices.
        • The elaboration of specific and appropriate material for the organizational needs in social responsibility.
        • Support for campaigns within the organization, creating a new culture of social responsibility.



Our professionals guarantee each client:

        • Facilitate permanent consultation of all services provided, when required with evaluation and monitoring meetings.
        • Make any changes to the work schedules in concert with the company.



Our professionals guarantee each client:

        • A high level of professionalism in administrative and legal processes.
        • A strategy that allows compliance with the minimum standards of labor rights internationally recognized in trade agreements, so that their exports are not harmed.
        • Identification of actions that allow respect for fundamental principles and rights at work and the essential content of decent work promoted by the International Labor Organization.
        • The design of a human management model that promotes the human and social development of the server and their families.